Governor AI

Using a python ‘front-end’ to connect to the Meteor server, I can develop an AI using python AI libraries. Use simple:rest to create a REST API from existing Meteor methods. simple:rest does not seem to work, because of timeouts. Next attempt: python-meteor!



  • Every 5 minutes the round end
  • 42 rounds are played
  • Gaining the most victory points it the goal
  • Regions claimed by a single nation will be automatically assigned to the claimer
  • Weapons are enabled

AI can:

  • Send resources and technology
  • Create victory points
  • Create weapons
  • Claim regions
  • Shoot at regions
  • Move to regions
  • Know where other fleets are
  • Know which regions are owned by other nations
  • Complete events? Only if the base game is balanced

Dummy players will:

  • Always move to a resource, if they can. The highest value resource is chosen with Antihydrogen being more valuable than Helium-III. In case of a tie, the closest is chosen. In case of still a tie, one is chosen at random
  • If they can’t move to a resource, claim an unclaimed region. If they can’t claim a region, issue no region order
  • Never trade
  • Always convert available resources to victory points. Don’t take into account possible future gains in terms of credits income or resources gathered

Set up

  • One AI player
  • 8 dummy players
  • Let the AI player rotate through nations
  • Try with 8 dummy players to see if there are large imbalances in nation starting resources
  • If they AI player manages to outperform the dummy players, use the latest iteration of the AI instead of 1 of the dummy players

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