Fight the system!


Five Helium-III factories can process five tons of Helium-III in five minutes. How long would a hundred Helium-III factories need to process one hundred tons of Helium-III? This question is… Read more

Governor Next Level: Personal effectiveness training


Finally, I can share this exciting new step that I’ve been working on. I will combine what I do for a living – training and coaching professionals to improve their… Read more

Governor AI


Using a python ‘front-end’ to connect to the Meteor server, I can develop an AI using python AI libraries. Use simple:rest to create a REST API from existing Meteor methods…. Read more

Pay what you want!


Edit: Limited Bèta has ended. Send an e-mail to if you want to organize a demo session. In my last post I introduced the simple AI that I use… Read more

A Balancing Act


“Sabotage!”, the representative to the Solar Council of Mercury approached his colleague, who was fulminating from behind his screen. “Sabotage, I tell you! We’ve lost all of our credits and… Read more

Let’s do it Live!


“Step into my office”, the lobbyist for the Duchy of Europa said, holding open the door to the narrow hallway leading to the restrooms. Two nervous representatives from the Titan… Read more