Governor Next Level: Personal effectiveness training

Finally, I can share this exciting new step that I’ve been working on. I will combine what I do for a living – training and coaching professionals to improve their effectiveness and fun in work – with my hobby. I’m proud to announce the Governor Next Level!

In the last four years it’s been amazing to see that Governor not only provides an afternoon of fun, but also has a lasting impact on players. As it is a simulation, it provides a safe place to practice new communication styles, negotiation strategies and behavior that is outside of your comfort zone.

Here’s how Governor contributed to a participant’s personal learning goal:

“I experienced that my go-to communication style of factual arguments is not always effective. Governor enabled me to experiment with different styles of communication. The theme is exciting and relatable, but not too realistic. That way, I could focus on my learning goals. My biggest achievement was to form an alliance with a faction with opposing interests. Instead of being based on rationality, it was based on a social click. It was very valuable to experiment and experience success with this way of relating to others, I’m convinced I will use this in my work soon!”

In short

Governor Next Level enables you to advance on your personal goals on negotiation strategy, public speaking or communication styles. In the morning, we cover theory and learning goals. In the afternoon you’ll put theory into practice. You dive into Governor: a future where humans have populated the solar system and govern it via the Solar Council. There’s time for reflection before, during and after the simulation. So you won’t lose track of your learning goals.

What a day of Governor Next Level generally looks like.

Sounds interesting?

Has any of this piqued your interest? Do you want to organize Governor as an in-house training? Or are you simply interested in joining a session? Visit our Pricing page or send an e-mail to We’ll provide you with a quote or you can request a no-strings-attached intake. We’ll discuss your request and tailor Governor to suit your needs!

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